The Botolo low chair is manufactured by Arlfex based on a 2014 design by Cini Boeri. This multipurpose chair also comes in a high version. It is beautifully versatile; the low version is perfect as a lounge chair, but the high versions can also be used as a dining or work chair. The Botolo makes an excellent style statement in any room. Use it as a place to sit, think and be creative, or simply use it whenever you feel like relaxing with a good book. This low lounge chair can also be a fantastic addition to your master bedroom or walk-in closet.

And though it looks modern and casual, the Botolo low lounge chair blends perfectly with the living room too, adding a touch of whimsy to a classic space while providing extra seating that can be easily transferred to different parts of the house as necessary. You can also use it in the waiting room of your office, providing your guests with comfortable and stylish seating.

What truly sets the Arflex Botlo low chair apart from other lounge chairs is the fact that it has only three legs. This gives it a distinctive presence in any space. The tubular legs are available in different variations–namely, black, metal lacquered white or gunmetal grey. If you prefer to use alternative colors for the lacquered finish, you can request this at an additional cost. Alternative hues include burnished, red, ruby red, yellow, laguna or blue lacquered metal.

The Botolo low lounge chair feature a wood frame with foam seat (molded polyurethane). The cover can be changed as well. You can select leather, fabric or shaggy fur. A good Arlfex supplier or retailer can provide you a finishes spec sheet as well as a sample sheet for fabric details that shows you all -available customization options.

The Artflex Botolo low lounge chair’s seat height is 25 cm or 10 inches. Meanwhile, the seat height of the high version is 50 cm or 20 inches. The high version shares the same width and diameter as the low version, but its total height is 75 cm or 29.5 inches.